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Retweet cartoonLike so many others, I regularly use Twitter and Facebook to post my thoughts on a range of subjects; science, home working and other random subjects. I thought that was enough, oh no, they said, ‘Steve you need a blog as well’. So here it is, for what it is worth.

As a home-working Science editor, typesetter and occasional web designer, I have a few things to share. I suppose that home working will be of interest to many. Working from home is often viewed as the dream lifestyle. The idea of being able to sit at your home desk, in your pyjamas, starting and finishing at times that suit you, interweaving home life and work, has obvious appeal for many. The reality can be rather different, and this is something I will look at later in this blog.

A bit about me. I work on a number of scientific journals, typesetting, proofreading, marketing and generally trying to get more subscribers for the journals. I mix different projects according to priority, sometimes still reverting back to a bit of web design. Initially I thought that web design would take up the majority of my time but quickly found that every 13 year old is a web designer and that there are a number of simple web design programs that make it easy to produce reasonably decent sites. In addition, services such as WordPress enable anyone to set up a their own site with no need for coding skills. No one really wanted the cost, time and effort involved in producing hand coded websites.

This blog runs on WordPress, the first time I have used it in earnest. My previous experience has been using Joomla, which is a very flexible content management system (CMS) for designing full websites with all the whistles and bells. However, a quick Google search along the ‘best blogging platform’ lines clearly suggested WordPress as the best blogging platform. So this blog is running on WordPress, installed remotely on a 1and1 server and using a standard modified template. Hopefully I can get into the CSS file and make a few tweaks, but I plan to concentrate on writing blog posts rather than pretty scenery.

So the topics I plan to cover in this blog are the pros and cons of working from home, both in terms of the sort of work available and the practicalities of home working, any interesting science articles that I come across, including scientific papers and news, possibly some stuff about WordPress, Joomla and web design, and pretty much anything else that takes my fancy.

If anyone reading this has any comments or would like to know more about anything in this post, please feel free to leave comments.

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